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Hybrid Five

Pianist James Cockman III is the accompanist and coach for the Hybrid Five. The Hybrid Five group was recently named Missouri’s Most Musical Family (2019) by the Missouri Federation of Music Clubs. The vocalists are James’ children, and they’ve been leaving an impression at their performances for a couple of years. 

The group sings regularly at their school and church in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, and their excitement for music grows each time they are on stage. The kids have performed at a variety of church and community events. In addition to weekly and special church services, they have performed at Keys to the Community events in Harrisonville, and business events. The five love singing so much they’ve been known to give impromptu performances as well, including performing at the chapel at Silver Dollar City and a flood benefit dinner. Over the next few years, the Hybrid Five will continue to grow, incorporating additional instruments into their performances.


Read full review from the Lake Viking News, February 2017. 

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